Mid-Rise Compression Tight - Black/Virtual Pink - 2XU
Mid-Rise Compression Tight - Black/Virtual Pink - 2XU
Mid-Rise Compression Tight - Black/Virtual Pink - 2XU
Mid-Rise Compression Tight - Black/Virtual Pink - 2XU


Mid-Rise Compression Tight - Black/Virtual Pink


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Engineered with a new wide waistband for greater coverage and support, the 2XU Mid-Rise Compression Tights offer maximum comfort and coverage. Perfect for any activity or post-exercise recovery.

The 2XU Mid-Rise Compression Tights are a versatile and essential piece for any activity or post-exercise recovery. these graduated tights are breathable and lightweight, yet supportive to major muscles. A high comfort wide waistband supports the core for enhanced technique and stability during activity. Body firming and ideal for both low and high impact training, competition or recovery demands. A graduated compression is engineered to promote maximum blood flow and to allow circulation to carry waste and de-oxygenated blood back to the heart as quickly and as efficiently as possible thus helping recovery time. The compression of the tights help reduce fatigue through less muscle oscillation, helps reduce muscle soreness and reduce long-term overuse injuries. Additionally, the graduated compression heightens proprioception, which is the awareness of limb placement for maximum agility.

The garment features PWX Flex that offers optimum power and flexibility to protect the abductor, glute, quads, hamstrings and calf muscles, whilst a power mesh comfort waistband offers a flat streamlined fit and provides more comfort when performing activities that are floor based or require you to bend at the waist. Flatlock seams reduce chafing and skin irritation providing a better experience and greater comfort, whilst a powerful Invista Lycra provides an exceptional fit, support and recovery. Additionally, Moisture wicking technology is embedded within the yarns to wick sweat as it's produced then transfers it to the outer layers where it then can be easily evaporated, ensuring you stay cool, dry and comfortable. Antibacterial technology also features within the yarns and works in unison with the moisture-wicking technology to prevent the growth of odour causing bacteria, keeping your garment smelling fresher for longer.

Beräknat leveransdatum 02 jun - 04 jun
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Typ Tights
Varumärke 2XU
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