Instadry Solare Trasparente Spray Spf50+ 150 ml - Angstrom Protect
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Angstrom Protect

Instadry Solare Trasparente Spray Spf50+ 150 ml


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Angstrom Instadry is a SPF50+ sun spray to be applied on even wet skin to prevent irritation and sunburn.
Lightweight, nebulized transparent solar spray, to be applied also on wet skin to protect it from sunburn.
SPF50+, advanced and photostable UVA and UVB sunscreens.
Water resistant, therefore ideal for those who practice summer sports.
It leaves no traces or patinas.
Its formulation is enriched with Total Tanning System, known to improve and prolong the natural tan by stimulating the production of melanin and thus increasing the natural defenses of the skin from the sun.
Directions for use:
On first use, press firmly on the back of the dispensing button to trigger it. Spray abundantly on the areas to be treated, distributing evenly, if necessary also with a massage.
External use.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Apply generously all over the body before sun exposure.
A small amount could significantly reduce the level of protection.
Reapply often, especially after sweating, getting wet or using a towel.
Do not expose children to direct sunlight.
Don't be exposed to the sun too long.
Excessive exposure constitutes a serious health risk.
It could soften the nail polish on the nails.

Beräknat leveransdatum 19 jan - 25 jan
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Varumärke Angstrom Protect
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