Duo Toning Lotion + Cleansing Milk 400 ml - Clarins


Duo Toning Lotion + Cleansing Milk 400 ml


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Daily exposure to environmental factors and decorative cosmetics leads to dry and dull skin, lacking in brightness. Keeping your face radiant and your skin young and healthy will be possible with this wonderful set of Clarins. Each product is saturated with a large number of natural ingredients and perfectly nourishes the skin with all the necessary vitamins. Cleanser The formula of the product is based on the collection of alpine herbs and hydrophilic oils. The product is rich in vitamins A and E, which protect the skin from the effects of free radicals and help remove toxins during the cleansing procedure. Lemon balm, pine, arnica, juniper and almond extracts saturate the epidermis with nutrients, refresh and tone, restoring its natural brightness. Toning lotion The proposed moisturizing lotion is excellent for dry and tired skin. Contains chamomile extract, which has antiseptic and healing properties. For every single use the cosmetic will improve the general condition of the skin thanks to a formula rich in ingredients useful for the epidermis. Linden extract relieves inflammation, vitamin E protects against external factors and the mineral complex has a general strengthening effect.

Beräknat leveransdatum 14 okt - 18 okt
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Målgrupp Kvinna
Storlek 400 ml
Typ Body Lotion
Varumärke Clarins
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Artikelnummer P191311826