Urban landscapes mug Detail - Black/White - Design House Stockholm
Urban landscapes mug Detail - Black/White - Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm

Urban landscapes mug Detail - Black/White


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Gábor Palotai lives in a world of graphics. One finds his work in many different fields – from book covers and artistic treatments of façades to framed works of art and clothing patterns – all of them reflecting his powerful graphic voice. It is easy to be drawn into his world and, if one has once become acquainted with it, it is easily recognized. The author is clearly recognizable. 28 cl

A year ago Gábor contacted Design House Stockholm and showed us some collections of pattern designs from his archive. He wanted to apply his graphic world to something that is used on an everyday basis, like a coffee cup. He has previously created graphic patterns that have been applied to furniture and other products, most recently a series of rugs, and he was fascinated by the encounter between the different worlds. Something happens to a pattern design when it is applied to a three-dimensional item.

“I am always surprised when digitalized meets a more traditional craft and over the years I have created a large number of patterns that I showed to Design House Stockholm. And we rapidly decided to collaborate”, Gábor explains. The result of this collaboration is Urban Landscapes, a graphic collection comprising four cups with different graphic patterns. The first patterns in the series are studies of urban life in major cities with names like Downtown, Pattern, Overview and Detail.

“My aim was to create a work of art to be used on a daily basis. Now my abstract designs, which are made using digital media, meet up with an ancient craft like porcelain. This is a very fine meeting.” Gábor Palotai’s studio is situated in Stockholm, working with visual communication which includes graphic design, logotypes, web design, posters and book design, as well as more artistic types of commissions. The studio has won a succession of prizes including, in the past year, three Red Dot Design Awards, one for product design and two for visual communication. For Gábor there is no difference between art and commercial assignments. Commercial and artistic aspects run parallel to each other and frequently enrich each other. “In the end it is all a matter of creativity and visuality.”

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