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Cielo 34 Watch


348 kr

Rek. ca pris

695 kr

Attractive, thin and comfortable. The distinctive dial, second hand and leather strap are all perfectly matched in the same colour. This stylish fashion accessory knows how to draw attention by being fun and elegant, and will be the final touch to any outfit!

Beräknat leveransdatum 11 maj - 14 maj
Säljs av Lambretta Accessories
Målgrupp Kvinna
Armbandsmaterial Läder
Färg Turkos
Klockdiameter 34 mm
Klocktyp Analog
Primärt material Watch head - Stainless steel, 100%
Sekundärt material Wrist band - Leather, 100%
Kategori Klockor
Artikelnummer P191360536