set Galateis Cleansing 400 ml +Tonique 400 ml - Lancome


set Galateis Cleansing 400 ml +Tonique 400 ml


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Leave skin feeling fresh and supple with Lancôme's gentle cleanser, 'Galatéis Douceur' and Lancôme's refreshing alcohol-free facial toner, 'Tonique Douceur'. Our light and milky cleanser creates a clean base in the morning and in the evening it removes foundation, blusher, eye make up and any other impurities from the day. Enriched with papaya and pineapple extract, it leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. Follow with our alcohol-free toner which is enriched with plant extracts and gently tones and refines skin texture, removes any remaining impurities. Leaves skin ready for your daily beauty routine. Benefits - softening, hydrating, face cleansing, moisturising and refreshing.

Gift set contains:
Galatéis Douceur' make up remover 400ml
'Tonique Douceur' softening and hydrating toner 400ml

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