Fiesta Kids T-shirt - MR. GUGU & MISS GO


Fiesta Kids T-shirt


250 kr

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505 kr

It is a mandatory element of every kid's wardrobe. Our unique T-shirts will speak to you and you can choose from dozens of prints and find one which can easily suit your child.  Made from pleasant material, it has an extended collar thanks to which the hairstyle will never be damaged and putting it on will only last a moment.

Beräknat leveransdatum 01 nov - 03 nov
Säljs av Lethe Jakub Chmielniak
Målgrupp Barn
Färg Marinblå
Primärt material Fabric - Cotton, 50%
Sekundärt material Polyester, 50%
Storlek 146/152
Tvättinstruktioner 30° MACHINE WASH
Typ Kortärmade tröjor
Varumärke MR. GUGU & MISS GO
Kategori T-shirts
Artikelnummer P191497556