Watch me wall clock Blue - NORMANN COPENHAGEN
Watch me wall clock Blue - NORMANN COPENHAGEN


Watch me wall clock Blue


299 kr

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Watch Me is a modern wall clock that distinguishes itself with its stylized design. The design is inspired by a color swatch and consists of eight rectangles that are folded out like a fan, forming the face of the clock. The simple but clever use of rectangles creates the clock's stringent graphic expression, while indicating the passage of time. Watch Me is not about telling you the exact time, it is more about an idea of time.
Watch Me comes in four bold colorful versions, inspired by the block colors of the fashion world and four monochrome versions that emphasize the sharply defined silhouette and the clock's play on geometric shapes. Whether you are into the colorful or minimalistic, Watch Me is a great choice as the wall clock in your home.Design: Rasmus Gottliebsen

Beräknat leveransdatum 21 jun - 23 jun
Säljs av Designfirman
Färg Blå
Primärt material Aluminum, 100%
Typ Posters & tavlor
Kategori Inredningsdetaljer
Artikelnummer P191355766