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Wrinkle Killer Anti Ageing Pro-Expert Serum 30ml


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NEW Wrinkle Killer Anti-Ageing Pro-Expert Serum is lightweight enough for daily use, designed to target specific skin concerns, it aims to deeply hydrate the skin whilst active lifting and firming.

The British brand SkinChemists is synonymous with intelligent skincare design born with tradition. Working with leading pharmacists, chemists, scientists and beauticians worldwide, SkinChemists develops revolutionary and effective skincare treatments.

The main active ingredients in the formulation are:
1) Syn-Ake, imitating the effects of the venom of a Temple Viper Snake, works to reduce mimic wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions to reduce the visibility of signs of skin ageing.
2) Allantoin, and nature-mimetic active ingredient derived from Comfrey Roots, aims to soothe and hydrate the skin, whilst softening and protecting.
3) Shea Butter aims to reduce skin irritations whilst moisturising and improving the texture of the skin.

Who should use Wrinkle Killer Anti-Ageing Pro-Expert Serum?
Use this product if you have dry skin
Use this product if you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles
Use this product if you want to look younger
Use this product for firmer skin

Volume: 30ml

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