Selfie Support - Whipearl
Selfie Support - Whipearl
Selfie Support - Whipearl
Selfie Support - Whipearl


Selfie Support


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The phone flashlight holder is ideal for taking pictures or working while lit. With 3 possible lighting modes, the holder allows you to have a clear view of the action performed. Ideal for taking pictures, working, applying make-up or making face time calls, this tool also has a USB power interface suitable for multiple shots and can be connected to a computer.
With a length of 68 cm, the lamp support is transportable and adjustable according to the desired height thanks to its malleable stick . This 2-in-1 phone holder and desk lamp has a brightness adjustment level of up to 10. The support is composed of a clip base that needs to be hung on a surface.
Features :
The LED anchor lamp is ring-shaped.
Total length of the slice: 680mm
Height of LED filler light: 650mm (9*550mm pipe).
Height of the support: 380 mm (tube 9*350 mm)
Lamp specifications: outer diameter 100mm, line length 2M.
Switch type: push switch, touch switch without electrodes
Clip specifications: 75*110mm
Color : Black
LED Power: 12W
Light Source: LED white/warm light LED
Power supply: USB 5V interface

Beräknat leveransdatum 24 mar - 29 mar
Varumärke Whipearl
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