Gel beads face mask (aqua) - Zoe Ayla
Gel beads face mask (aqua) - Zoe Ayla

Zoe Ayla

Gel beads face mask (aqua)


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Gel beads therapy face mask
Gel bead technology can provide both heat and cold therapy.

Place the mask in the refrigerator or freezer for two or more hours before use to offer the perfect ice therapy without sacrificing flexibility of the product. Perfect to relieve puffy eyes and relax.

Gradually microwave the mask to soothe headaches or to help alleviate sinus pressure and congestion.
The mask can also be used to soothe sun-burns, tense or sore muscles, treat bruises or to lessen discomfort before or after cosmetic treatments. For product longevity, place the eye mask in a container or bag in the refrigerator. Latex, BPA and phthalate-free.

- Helps to decrease pore size and improve skin tone
- Brighten under-eye circles
- Reduces the appearance of blemishes and fine lines
- Promotes fluid flushing in the face

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Typ Peeling & Mask
Varumärke Zoe Ayla
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